What you will need

Welcome to the "Upcycled Zentangle Roze" workshop!

In this class, we are going to create 2 upcycled roses. We will practice putting a rose together first without any tangles, then we will make one with tangles.

What you will need:

  • 1-2 grocery store paper bags cut into 8 round pieces (plus 1-2 extras)
  • Zendala tile or compass
  • Markus Operandus (free download from Zentangle Inc)
  • scissors
  • Paper craft glue gel (I use ModPodge and a toothpick)
  • Thin round stick like bamboo BBQ skewer or thin round paintbrush handle (approx. 1/4" or 5mm)
  • Renaissance drawing tools:
  • Sakura Micron Black 01
  • Sakura Micron Brown 01
  • Sakura Gelly Roll White 08 or 10
  • graphite pencil 2B and tortillon
  • white charcoal pencil and tortillon


  • Sakura Micron Black 08 or brush for filling
  • spray fixative for charcoal and graphite
  • bone folder

*If you live outside of North America, you may have slightly different materials used for grocery bags. The paper needs to be thick enough to hold the shape of rose petals, yet thin enough to be easily folded into layers and cut with scissors. 

*Please test your pens and pencils on the plain side (drawing surface) of your bag before you proceed. Some bags may have coatings that make drawing a little challenging. 

*Upcycling, repurposing, and recycling to save our precious recourses is something I try to incorporate in every aspect of my life, and I enjoy teaching the “Upcycled” workshop series using the grocery store bags. However, please feel free to use what you feel appropriate for this project.