What is enneagram? It's a nine-pointed shape in geometry, sometimes referred as enneagon. In this class, you will learn how to create basic enneagrams using Markus Operandus. I will also show you different ways to add some interesting textures and depth to a black tile using basic Zentangle tools. This class is less about tangling but more about learning and familiarizing ourselves with these techniques and enneagram stars. Once you learn them, the possibilities are endless!

You can watch / download all contents for $35:

  • Easy-to-follow video lesson
  • PDF note: step by step instructions with pictures

For this class, you will need:

  • black Zendala tile
  • scrap paper in any color (not white)
  • Markus Operandus¬†(free download and print)
  • Sakura Gelly Roll 10 & 05
  • white charcoal pencil and tortillon
  • Sakura Micron black 08 or 10
  • graphite pencil and tortillon
  • pastel chalk or pastel chalk pencil in your favorite color
  • another tortillon for your pastel chalk
  • q-tip
  • nail file or sand paper

Sneak peak inside the workshop