Somewhere between a square and round, there's this magical shape called a hexagon. Not as demanding as square and not as elusive as round, it is so relaxing to tangle inside a hexagon tile. You don't need to have pre-cut hexagon tiles. I have a video explaining how to make one out of your square tile.

In "Magical Hexagon No.5", we will play with some star-inspired strings that are perfect for the holiday season. We will also explore how new possibilities can be created by simply changing one's perspective. Sounds too complicated? Don't worry. I will walk you through step-by-step. Just like Magical Hexagon No.1 No.2, No.3 and No.4, we will create two unique tiles together during our live Zoom session, and you'll have access to a bonus tile video lesson. These beautiful tiles can be enjoyed and appreciated as they are, or combined together with other hexagon tiles to form an amazing mosaic.

"Magical Hexagon" is a series of classes that we learn to create 2-3 beautifully tangled hexagon tiles in each session. You will have a beautiful mosaic of hexagon tiles after a few sessions. Each session is independent of the other, so you can pick and choose sessions you like as I roll out a new session with a different design!

You can watch / download all contents for $35:

  • Video instruction on how to cut your own hexagon tiles.
  • Three video lessons for 3 unique hexagon tile designs
  • PDF note: step by step instructions with pictures
  • Bonus video for Kuretake Gansai Stary Colors

*Your access to the course will expire after 30 days from the purchase date. Please be sure to download any contents you wish to keep.